Factor investing with value strategies

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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Warren Buffett Background on value investing Value investing is an investment strategy that involves picking stocks that appear to be trading for less than their intrinsic value (in other words, “cheap” stocks). It involves using fundamental analysis to identify stocks that have been systematically undervalued,… Continue reading Factor investing with value strategies

Momentum investing

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When you drive a large vehicle, you’re often told to either not drive too fast or leave some distance between you and the car in front because safe braking distance can be very different from an average vehicle. That’s the idea behind momentum, which in physics can be simply defined as “mass in motion”. In… Continue reading Momentum investing

R syntax highlighting

So WordPress has added support for syntax highlighting in several languages including Python, R and SQL. In the future I may post about interesting snippets of codes on certain topics, such as factor investing. I want to explore how it works, so this is how this blog post came about. Code is law. Lawrence Lessig… Continue reading R syntax highlighting